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Setting up my social network… (Tony)

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I didn’t have any experience with any of the sites we needed to register with.


I found facebook the easiest and most pleasant registration mentioned in this post. My registration went really fast and I clearly understood everything I needed to do. Once I was logged in, I was pleased to see that the adds on the page were clearly separated from the useful stuff. New stuff on the site is clearly visible and new events which require user interaction are separated form the normal news, which makes those events stand out from the rest.

Finding Erik Duval and some other people didn’t cause any troubles, the start page makes clear where to go for that. I did have to look around for a while before I knew where to go to make myself a member of a group. It didn’t cross my mind at first that I could just search for the group in the search-bar on top of the screen, but that is how I eventually found the group. Later on I discovered a link to a groups-page where you can specifically search for groups. I didn’t klik that link at first, because it was placed under a heading ‘Toepassingen’, and somehow that term didn’t convince me that I needed that link.

Also captcha’s are not one of my favourite things, it’s quite annoying if you can’t read it three-four times… (but this is a remark for all sites mentioned, not only for Facebook).


Netlog registration was also very straightforward. But once I was logged in, I was bombed with adds. I even found it hard to distinguish information about me and my account and the adds. It was like the usefull information was playing hide and seek. (I’m wishing for banner blindness to kick in somewhere this semester…). I didn’t actually look for friends or anything, just because I realy dislike the site, getting nervous just looking at it.


The home-page of delicious is, according to me, an example of good design. There is nothing on that page that doesn’t need to be there. You’ve got a nice overview of all features of delicous, and help information is available for every major topic right away. Buttons for signing up and in are clearly popping out. The rest of the page is dedicated to the most important functions available to an anonymous user : a search, a list of popular public bookmarks and a way to view bookmarks containing a certain tag.

Even though I found the home page really good, there is one thing I would definitely change. The first 5 times I visited the page, I didn’t see the tab for exploring tags, because it was not good visible (certainly not under a bad angle on my laptop).

The form you have to fill to register is quite simple en filled in in a jiffie. One remark : the large titels and icons on the top of the form should not be so large. The form CAN fit on one page without the need to scroll, but the titles on top force the form down.

At first I didn’t think the site was a very nice one, it actualy took me quite a time before I realized how I could search delicous for a certain tag. (I really just kept clicking on the tags -menu and -link like an idiot, always returning to a page where I could see the tags I used myself…). And then even much later I found out that a subscription is realy a list filtered on a tag, i.e. the same you do when ‘exploring a tag’, but without the need to type in the tag every time.

But now I got used to the system, I really think of it as a good design.


When registering with twitter, I lost about 5 minutes just looking for a place where I could sign up… What happened was that I first read the What? Why? and How? available on the home-page and I didn’t realize I was supposed to click on What? again. I don’t know if I’m mistaken, but my guess for looking for a place to sign in would be How? and not What?. It would be much better if the Get Started – Join button was available throughout all steps in the small overview of twitter. Still better would be to display all the data at once to the user. It is quite possible to do this without the need to scroll down, because it’s not that much information once you don’t blow up the size of the font.

The form to fill in to register fitted on one page, but what really was weird, was that the line ‘By clicking on ‘Create my account’ above, you confirm that you are over 13 years of age and accept the Terms of Service’ was quite a bit lower than the ‘Create my account’ button, just out of view in my browser. The captcha’s on this site were really annoying because they are like unreadable.

Once signed in, I pretty fast found Erik Duval and posted my first update. Quite a simple interface and clear to follow. But there was (and still is) one problem. I am unable to view certain updates that are tagged with a certain tag (#chikul09) from my account. I can use for searching for the tag, but it would be much more useful if I could see that collection of updates from my account (preferably just one click away), like is done in Delicous, with the subscriptions.


The registration of wordpress was quite straightforward, one minor remark : again if everything wouldn’t be so large, there would not have been a need to scroll down. (The fact that I’m always using my laptop touch pad might be the reason for my remarks about scrolling down throughout this report). But I did encounter some problems when trying to join the blog of our group. I got invited by Dries, but when I clicked on the link in the invitation message, I was asked to create a new domain. I could not find a way (even after searching an hour!!!!) to sign in for this blog. This resulted in me clicking the invitation link and creating a brand new account for myself. After registering again I was automatically a member of this blog.

Placing this blog is not that hard, but it is difficult to see how you should post in a certain category… I do see a submenu categories on my right hand side, and I can cross different categories, but I don’t know what it means. The consequence of this is that I don’t really know if this message will appear in the right category (I guess I will find out in a few minutes…).


Written by tonyvanbeers

February 16, 2009 at 6:21 pm

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